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About Us

Though the name is new, the business is not. With long roots in the sewage industry, I acquired the drain cleaning and sewer camera division of Chamberlin and Wingert at the end of 2020.

It takes a special person for jobs that most people aren’t ready to handle, or don’t have the correct equipment to complete themselves. I always use the top equipment and keep it ready to go at all times. In addition to my experience comes 30 years of contacts to handle any sewage related problems.

Thanks for your interest,

Roger Wingert

I've provided services for commercial and residential customers including:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Trailer Parks
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Industrial Plants
  • Government


Drain Cleaning

Toilet • Sink • Restaurant grease line • Floor drain • Sewer drain • Spouting drain • Septic drain fields

Drain Camera

Sewer Pipe video camera inspection. Video provided on thumb drive.


I have the ability to locate your sewer line, septic tank, septic drain field and others.

Sewer Pumps

Basement uplifts • City sewer pump


Services Not Provided: Excavation, plumbing repairs, heating and cooling, water problems, septic pumping, and electrical work. (I can provide references for these services)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you need drain cleaning services?

    Regular, professional drain cleaning services will help to ensure your plumbing system works efficiently. If you are experiencing problems, you may have a system that needs to be cleared. Here are a few warning signs to look out for:

    • Slow Drainage: Toilets that take a long time to flush, or sinks and tubs that drain water more slowly than usual
    • Persistent Clogs: Recurring clogs that keep coming back, or get worse over time
    • Overflowing Toilets
    • Gurgling Drains
    • Gutters or Downspouts overflowing
    • Foul Odors: Bad smells coming from your drains could indicate a buildup that needs to be cleaned out
    • Sewage Backup: Raw sewage backing up into your home or puddling on your lawn
    • Leaks, Cracks and Seepage in your basement walls or on the floor

  • Hydro jetting is widely used and extremely effective at removing clogs and opening sewer drain lines.

    • Using specialized nozzles, water is released at high pressure into your drain lines
    • The specialized nozzles clear hair, silt, grease and food buildup, sand, debris, and even tree roots from the pipes.
    • Hydro jetting can completely clean and descale pipes, removing buildup on pipe walls.
    • We carry 3 different size jetter hoses to meet the job requirements.
    • NOTE: Some jetting jobs require a vaccume truck to minimize damage to your home if no outside cleanouts are present.

  • A sewer pipe video camera inspection can help pinpoint the cause of plumbing problems by enabling diagnostics of clogs in hard to see places. A fiber optic video camera is connected to a flexible cable that can travel through pipes and around pipe corners. The camera transmits real-time video to a monitor outside the pipe. When we use a video camera inspection, we will:

    • Determine what the problem is
    • Determine where the problem is
    • Discuss necessary repairs
    • Give you a thumb drive with your video evidence

  • Clogs and backups can be caused by many things, such as grease, food, dirt and debris, hair, mineral buildup, objects and tree roots. If you are experiencing any of the following issues, you should schedule a video camera inspection.

    • Drain Gurgling: Strange gurgling sounds coming from sinks, toilets or washing machines
    • Slow Drainage
    • Clogs with cloudy or smelly water
    • Foul odors coming from your yard or depressed areas in your lawn
    • Clogs with cloudy or smelly water

Up Front Pricing

Prices may vary due to location and severity of clog.

Guarantee: A line jetting service with video documentation that provides proof of no problems will be guaranteed for one year.

Service Call

Between the hours of 7AM – 4 PM


Emergency Services

After Hours

Call for pricing. 717-729-3088

Toilet Auger

Toilet Snake Only


Pull Toilet

Run Cable Machine

First Floor $250

Kitchen Sink and Laundry Line

Run Cable Machine - $165

Small Jetter $226

Whole House Jetter



Video Camera

Can provide diagnostic of pipe with video footage and concerns


Root Removal

Depends on severity and location

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